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Visit Dong Giao wood carving village

Located in Cam Giang district, Hai Duong Province, about 50km away from Hanoi, Dong Giao wood carving village is well-known for its skillful wood carving products and long a history of wood carving more than 300 years.

Dong Giao Wood carving village

Besides the village produces furniture (furniture, bed, wardrobe…) and worship equipment (throne, incense, bowls, etc.), and now they also expand of manufacturing to fine art furniture of the western and southern style (cabinets, saunas, decorative animals of all kinds…). Especially the items exported to many countries in Asia.

Dong Giao Wood carving village


Dong Giao workers are clever, smart and industrious. Over time, they are constantly innovating, improving their designs and improving their skills. Especially they now know how to apply science and technology into production to create diversity and very rich wood carvings.

Dong Giao Wood carving village

The wood carvings in Dong Giao were risen around the 17th-19th centuries, the skilled workers were summoned to Hue to serve in the royal court. The products of the village are worship and interior decoration such as throne, hammock, doors, incense altar, cabinet, wooden statue…

Dong Giao Wood carving village

From the skillful hands of artisans, handicraft products are meticulously processed, reaching the fineness…

Wood engraving is a special handicraft; it is not merely a matter of economic value, it is also a valuable profession of art and culture, through which artisans have been portrayed the human aspirations and artistic sense, as well as through it, to express the particular of the civilization of the East.

Dong Giao Wood carving village

Visiting the Dong Giao wood carving village, you also see the products carved from naturally based wood or roots. Making many unique products in unique artistic shapes which you might not find other similar one in the world. Take a half day tour to Dong Giao wood sculpture village from Hanoi or combine with your full day tour of cultural relic to Bac Ninh or 2 days trip of Halong bay.


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