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duong lam ancient vietnamese village

Duong Lam – an ancient Vietnamese village

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Duong Lam village is the only one which maintains the structure integrity and lifestyle of an ancient Vietnamese village in northern of Vietnam. It is located in Mong Phu, Duong Lam commune, Son Tay town, about 50km west of Hanoi. Let’s take a look at what make Duong Lam a…

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Interact with local vietnamese

Learn some Vietnamese words and phrases

Learning to speak a few words of local language while on your trip is always fun and greatly improve your experience. Let’s learn some words/phrases of Vietnamese while preparing your trip and you will have chance to talk/chat, make friends – however briefly – with the majority of locals who…

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travel tips vietnam

Do’s and Don’ts


Vietnamese people are very gracious, polite and generous and will make every effort to make guests feel comfortable. Do not be surprised if somebody you have just met invites you home to meet the family and friends. These are the experiences that will enrich your visit to Vietnam. Vietnamese culture…

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hanoi falls autumn

When to travel Hanoi


What’s the best time to visit Hanoi Located in the Southeast Asia region and has the same time zone with Bangkok, also represented the typical weather of tropical monsoon type in Northern Vietnam; but Hanoi is unique thanks to its location on the northern hemisphere with four season times in…

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