Private tour

You travel with people you love.


With a private tour, you decide how your time should be spent and the pace in which your tour is conducted. For example: if you wish to start and end your tour an hour earlier/later on any given day. No problem. If you wish to spend an extra minutes at a spot while spending a little less time at an alternate site. No problem. If you happen to witness a spectacular scenic spot and wish to make a stop for some photos. No problem. In a group tour, your experience is positively confined to some predefined schedule and at the mercy of other travelers – you simply travel as a group and “go with the flow”.

Maximize your time

With a group of any size, there is bound to be time wasted “waiting” and “herding” participants of the tour. Just remember the last time you were on a group trip when someone was late, lost or has misplaced their personal belongings. Guess what? Everyone waits. Furthermore, many tour operators engage in compulsory shopping stops where the entire group is “dropped off” for an extended period of time in some souvenir shop you may have absolutely no interest in. We know your time is precious. Our private tours maximize every minute of your journey to let you enjoy your experience to the absolute fullest.

Personalized Service

Besides the numerous advantages from a logistical perspective, a private tour elevates the “intangible” aspects of your trip as well. In a group tour, the tour director simply serves as a narrator – regurgitating facts about the sites on a loud speaker, herding the group from one spot to another. A private guide, on the other hand, enables the traveler to interact with real local residents on an one-on-one, personal basis – ask in-depth questions about a given current or historical event, share each other’s profound interests & insights, and educate one another about the respective cultures & traditions. Some even become lifelong friends after this very unique experience.

We operate our tours on a private basis

In order to ensure the highest standards for our guests. Our definition of “private tour” simply means your tour, where all ground services are provided by your very own personal guide, with a private vehicle and chauffeur, exclusively for your party. This simply translates into greater flexibility, better comfort and personalized service so you can experience the way you have always dream of it to be.

Beyond the normal guide certifications and standards, most of our professional tour guides are further qualified by being specially appointed by our management who meet our stringent specifications to service our guests. There is no comparison when it comes to the overall experience between a typical group tour and a private journey. Here are some distinctive differences:

Depart when you want: Since our private tours are exclusive to the travelers in your party, you may begin your trip on any day at your convenience, so long as your flights and hotels are available. In addition to set departure dates, group tours require a minimum number of passengers to operate, which are subject to cancellations if the number of participants fall below some arbitrary number. We guarantee your departure once we confirm your services, usually within 48 hours from time of reservation, so you are protected against any unexpected up-charges, trip deviations or, worst of all, last-minute cancellations. In addition, all of our private programs are fully customizable. We can tailor-make an itinerary that is especially right for you.

Travel with the people you love

Ever been some place where you find someone so “different” you can’t wait to part with them? Well, in any given group tour comprised of perfect strangers, participants of various walks of life, point of views, and etiquette are fused together in close quarters for some extended period of time, upon which your experience will be greatly dependent. With a private tour, you travel with the only people you know and love. After all, it’s an important trip. Why not make it your very own journey!