Double Decker Bus City Tour Hanoi

double decker bus city tour hanoi

Hanoi has recently launched a new Double decker bus touring the city Hanoi, you travelers to Hanoi now has another choice for visiting Hanoi on your own. The City tour by double decker bus will surely bring visitors to enjoy exploring the exciting Hanoi city with new experience, seeing the whole city as much as you can. This bus is also known as Hop on – Hop off city tour Hanoi, officially opened for travelers in Hanoi on May 30 2018. Would you want a try? Here’s below is the schedule and route for your reference.

double decker bus city tour hanoi

The first bus route travels through 25 streets with 13 stops, creating favorable conditions for passengers to easily access to 30 unique attractions of Hanoi, allowing tourists to explore themselves, experience their own way. The double decker bus is also equipped with free wifi, USB charging port, refrigerator..

The bus also equipped with multi-language automated translation system which will help introduce the famous tourist attractions of Hanoi when the bus passes, so you know where to stop for your own sightseeing activities.

double decker bus city tour hanoi

Map route of Hop on – Hop off bus city tour Hanoi.

double decker bus city tour hanoi

The double decker bus runs every 30 minutes, you can hop on – hop off at any station, so you explore the city as much as you can.

In weekday, the bus departs from Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square, at weekend as of walking street so the bus will depart from Hanoi Opera House. These double decker buses can accommodate 80 passengers. Ticket counter in the area of Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square.

double decker bus city tour hanoi

– WeekdayĐông Kinh Nghĩa Thục square – Lê Thái Tổ street – Tràng Thi str. – Điện Biên Phủ str. – Hoàng Văn Thụ str. – Hùng Vương str. – Thanh Niên road – Yên Phụ str. – Thanh Niên – Hùng Vương str. – Phan Đình Phùng str. – Hoàng Diệu str. – Lê Hồng Phong str. – Hùng Vương st. – Nguyễn Thái Học st. – Văn Miếu – Quốc Tử Giám st. – Tôn Đức Thắng st. – Nguyễn Thái Học st. – Cửa Nam st. – Phan Bội Châu st. – Lý Thường Kiệt st. – Phan Chu Trinh st. – Hai Bà Trưng st. – Lê Thánh Tông st. – Tràng Tiền st. – Đinh Tiên Hoàng st. – Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square.

– WeekendHanoi Opera House – Tràng Tiền – Ngô Quyền – Lý Thường Kiệt – Quang Trung – Tràng Thi – Điện Biên Phủ – Hoàng Văn Thụ – Hùng Vương – Thanh Niên – Yên Phụ – Thanh Niên – Hùng Vương – Phan Đình Phùng – Hoàng Diệu – Lê Hồng Phong – Hùng Vương – Nguyễn Thái Học – Văn Miếu – Quốc Tử Giám – Tôn Đức Thắng – Nguyễn Thái Học – Cửa Nam – Phan Bội Châu – Lý Thường Kiệt – Phan Chu Trinh – Hai Bà Trưng – Lê Thánh Tông – Hanoi Opera House.

double decker bus city tour hanoi

Tickets and Fares

Hop on – Hop off bus city tour Hanoi operates daily from 9.00AM till 17.00 with 30 minutes/bus.

4 Hours validity: is 300.000/ticket
24 Hours validity: 450.000/ticket
48 House validity: 650.000/ticket

Unlimited number of stops and goes at any bus station.

You can buy the tickets at ticket counter at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square (Ho Guom bus station) – see the map above. Or Book in advance to save if you travel in a group.

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